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Equipping the next generation of followers in Messiah.

Equipping the next generation to keep the commandments of Yah and maintain their testimony of Yeshua our Messiah.


Our Mission

Halleluyah Farms is a community designed to promote relationships centered on loving YHVH and loving the greater community of believers. In a world disjointed by isolation and the loneliness of daily life in an unbelieving world, HF offers a context of togetherness where lives can be shared as we come together for the Fathers appointed times to praise and worship the one true God.

Men Volunteering
Kids in Vegetable Farm
Summer Family Dinner


You're invited to participate and help facilitate meetings, meals and feast-site activities.


We aim to foster an environment of love and the edification of the greater community of believers through games, meetings, discussion and praise.


We desire to be a light and share in Messiah's love as we gather together for Yahweh's appointed times. Seeking unity of the body through the Ruach to celebrate Yahweh's Modem while respecting other's walk regardless of any difference of understanding.

Feast of Tabernacles
Sunday, October 9, 2022


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